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Hi, My Name is Anne Stieger

Design Thinker, Project Mapping & Facilitation Coach

Finding new ways forward – with creativity and empathy.

Meetings – things that go wrong

Meetings – things that go wrong

I just came across this funny little video. A joking comment on simple things that can make a meating go completely off track. Do you recognize this, or some of it? I certainly do! The good news: it can be fixed - reach out, I'd love to help! Thanks to Tripp &...

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Making space for check-ins and check-outs.

Making space for check-ins and check-outs.

On Monday, I was invited by the Canadian Mental Health Association to facilitate a working meeting for The Spot - an evolving food community center in Kentville. With a mix of conversations with the entire group and conversations in smaller groups, participants worked...

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Successful creative brainstorming

Successful creative brainstorming

Today I had the honour to facilitate a brainstorming session for a new Slow Food Nova Scotia project at their AGM. We had very little time in a tight agenda, and we needed to hear ideas as well as concerns from the members. Sometimes groups will default into an open...

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Project Roadmapping

Helping you map out the roadmap for your project (be it new or stuck), from stakeholder overviews to action steps.


Facilitation Coaching

Helping you plan your next meeting or gathering while deepening your practice.

Design Thining

Facilitation and training in empathy-based innovation.

Strategic Planning

Helping your organization chart an exciting  path into the future.

About Me

I’m a geek for all things facilitation, training, and human-centered design.

I care deeply about creating gatherings, meetings, and project roadmaps that are designed for the humans working in them.

How? I believe it’s all rooted in radical empathy.


Working with me

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me and we’ll set up a call to connect.

Whether you’re looking for coaching for your project or your facilitation practice, or you are looking for Design Thinking and Strategic Planning services, I look forward to hearing from you!.

What clients say

Anne is a dynamic and thoughtful facilitator. She considers all elements of the work and ensures that participants have the most comfortable and engaging process possible. As a partner in work she is considerate, inquisitive and a true collaborator. If I could, I would work with her for all my projects!
Laura Swaine
Executive Director,
HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development

What clients say

In her calm clear manner, Anne showed us how to get the most out of even 15 minutes: she engaged our members in a fast-moving brainstorm that resulted in great new ideas.

Sheila Stevenson,
Slow Food Nova Scotia

What clients say

Anne facilitated a Brainstorming Kentville session where we asked for the impossible – get 20 people in the room with very different vested interests, motivations, and points of view to agree on three simple ways to improve the community. Anne was a pro at reading the room, keeping the session moving, and working towards a collective goal. We went from ideation to action in a very short timeframe, but despite this Anne kept the evening relaxed and enjoyable. She is adept in knowing when to lead and when to let the group lead, and she has many tools in her facilitator toolkit!

Genevieve Allen Hearn,
Brainstorming Kentville

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