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Anne Stieger

Facilitator, Trainer, Design Thinking Geek

Exploring the power of empathy with you

Hi, I’m Anne!
When I’m not puddle-jumping with my nieces or serving the community at the Front Street Community Oven, I like to geek out about all things facilitation, training & Design Thinking.

About Me

I’m a geek for all things facilitation, training, and Design Thinking.

I care deeply about creating gatherings that are designed for the humans that are participating in them: spaces where all voices are heard, inspired ideas flow, and we can show up as our human selves – so that we can reach our full collective potential.

How? As a Design Thinking geek, I believe it’s all rooted in radical empathy.




My Background

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a teacher, so I completed my Master of Education. It wasn’t until later, when I found myself a faculty member in a BA/MA of Education program, that I met Design Thinking and Facilitation – and my world turned upside down.

The power of empathy – of stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing through their eyes – paired with the magic of masterful facilitation and structured innovation would be my life’s work.

I ran my own business as a facilitator until I was presented with the opportunity to continue doing what I love with a team, and increase my impact by joining the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre.

I have learned so much from my teachers, elders, colleagues, and clients. In addition, I had the good fortune to attend formal trainings in the Art of Hosting, Design Thinking, Dynamic Governance, and more.

My Current Work

As part of a wonderful team at the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre,
I am able to continue doing what I love.

As leader of the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre’s Design Thinking services, I provide training sessions, workshops, and empathy-based innovation processes for businesses and non-profits.

With the team, I also have the honor of helping non-profits set direction by leading engaging, consent-based strategic planning processes for their teams.

I further offer coaching to help others deepen their facilitation practice and help them map project management roadmaps. 

If you would like to explore working with me, or geek about all things Design Thinking and empathy-based innovation, I’d love to connect.