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Anne Stieger

Facilitator, Trainer, Design Thinking Geek

Exploring the power of empathy with you

Hi, I’m Anne!
When I’m not puddle-jumping with my nieces or serving the community at the Front Street Community Oven, I like to geek out about all things facilitation, training & Design Thinking.

About Me

I’m a geek for all things facilitation, training, and Design Thinking.

I care deeply about creating gatherings that are designed for the humans that are participating in them: spaces where all voices are heard, inspired ideas flow, and we can show up as our human selves – so that we can reach our full collective potential.


How? As a Design Thinking geek, I believe it’s all rooted in radical empathy.




Fun Facts

I grew up in rural Germany on our former family farm. In 2015, I quit my job teaching in a BA/MA of Education program and moved to  Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

I once was awarded a brown belt in Taekwondo. Back then, I trained 5 days a week, but somehow I seem to have forgotten most of what I knew.

I am often mistaken as an extrovert; I’m outgoing, but still pretty introverted and need quiet time to recharge. My sewing machine is a great companion for that!

My alter ego is a panda: playfully serious and seriously playful.

I once made a friend by pretending to be a fallen tree. Finding myself on a forest walk with someone I had just met, tasked with exploring new perspectives, we explored what the forest looks like through the eyes of a fallen tree. It was actually fascinating – ask me about it some time. (yes, we were sober – just on a leadership retreat)

My Background

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a teacher, so I completed my Master of Education. It wasn’t until later, when I found myself teaching in the BA/MA of Education program, that I met Design Thinking – and my world turned upside down.

I was immediately attracted to the power of empathy – of stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing through their eyes. When I experienced it paired with the magic of good facilitation and structured innovation, I was smitten.

Until that time, I hadn’t known that ‘facilitator’ was a job that existed in this world. Once I discovered and started to explore it, I quickly realized this was going to be my life’s work.

I ran my own business as a facilitator until I was presented with the opportunity to continue doing what I love with a team, and increase my impact by joining the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre.

I have learned so much from my teachers, elders, colleagues, and clients. In addition, I have had the good fortune to attend formal trainings in the Art of Hosting, Design Thinking, Dynamic Governance. Each day, I seem to find new ways to continue deepening my practice.

My Current Work

As part of a wonderful team at the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, I am able to continue doing what I love.

I have had the opportunity to develop the centre’s Design Thinking services, and now regularly lead training sessions and empathy-based innovation processes for businesses and non-profits.

In addition, I have the honour of helping non-profits set direction by leading engaging, consent-based strategic planning processes for their teams.

If you would like to explore working with me, or geek about all things Design Thinking and empathy-based innovation, I’d love to connect.