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About Anne

Facilitator & Design Thinker

I believe we can create change through the power Empathy.
I love finding innovative ways to improve systems, services, experiences, and products walking in the user’s shoes.

My Background

The power of empathy – of stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing through their eyes – paired with masterful facilitation and structured innovation fascinates me.

I have worked in the fields of facilitation, innovation, entrepreneurship and adult education for over 7 years: 
I ran my own business providing facilitation services for several years, worked as a consultant, coach and facilitator in the entrepreneurship space, and was able to bring Design Thinking to entrepreneurship in the Annapolis Valley. I have most recently joined the team at Davis Pier in Halifax.

I am grateful for learning from each of my colleagues and clients over the years, and for my highly-experienced teachers in the Art of Hosting, Design Thinking, Dynamic Governance, and more.

Anne Stieger Facilitator, Trainer, Design Thinking, Wolfville and Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Current Work

As a Service Designer at Davis Pier in Halifax, I work with a wonderful team to create change. 


If you would like to geek about all things Design Thinking and empathy-based innovation, I’m always happy to connect.